pic1Why join a credit union?

Better Service, Fairer Fees, Community Focus

With almost 4 million members spread throughout Australia credit unions are now the preferred choice for nearly one in four adults.

The growth in popularity of credit unions has been steadily increasing. The nation’s credit unions now have more members than three of the largest four banks.

Being a mutual organisation the credit union is owned by its members, for the benefit of its members and the communities we serve and is accountable only to its members. Unlike the banks, there are no external shareholders pressuring for profit growth and this allows us to maintain a commitment to personal service and community support.

The credit union employs locally, invests locally, supports local community initiatives and all surpluses are retained in the local area.

Better service…

Happy customers. Credit union members are much happier than customers from most of the other financial service providers in Australia.

Unlike other financial institutions, as mutuals our customers are owners. That’s why close to 90 % of credit union customers are satisfied or very satisfied with the products & services they receive. So much so, most would recommend their credit union to friends or colleagues.

Fairer fees…

No Fees. That’s fair! Over two thirds of credit union members pay no fees at all, and on average credit union members pay less than customers of our competitors.

Credit unions also offer competitive loan rates and attractive savings rates. Credit union members can also carry out their financial transactions safe in the knowledge that credit unions are subject to the same rules, regulations and legal standards as the big banks. The Government Guarantee includes all banks, building societies and credit unions.

Community focus…

Commitment to members. Commitment to community. There are credit unions across Australia continuing to find practical ways to serve & support their communities and making sure that almost 4 million Australians have access to suitable banking and financial services – wherever they live.

Credit unions actively support their communities through sponsorship & fundraising initiatives – from local sports teams, to charitable donations, financial literacy programs & low interest loan schemes.


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