SWSCU is a proudly community-based organisation

Committed to the worldwide credit union philosophy of “People Helping People” and in this capacity we promote social responsibility as a highly ethical corporate citizen. SWSCU selects sponsorship opportunities that are aligned with our strategic direction and corporate values. We have chosen to actively support those members of our community who volunteer to work to improve the cultural, social, sporting, environmental, health and educational needs of our area.

We generally request exclusivity in product category in our sponsorship relations and do not, as a rule, involve ourselves in a partnership where other businesses in the financial services area (banking, insurance, financial planning) have a major role.

In keeping with our “Community Banking” philosophy, SWSCU has a commitment to provide support to events/activities being held, or groups based, within the SWSCU’s Bond.

Across our bond area we aim to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships. We sponsor and partner with organisations that are aligned with our values and can deliver commercial outcomes.

SWSCU receives many sponsorship requests every year. We have developed sponsorship guidelines to outline our requirements for sponsorship and to encourage the representation of proposals that have the greatest potential for success.

Sponsorships that do not meet our sponsorship guidelines will not be considered.

Please complete sponsorship request form below or send sponsorship requests to enquiries@swscu.com.au.

What does SWSCU look for in a Sponsorship Proposal?

Any sponsorship SWSCU undertakes is an investment in the sponsored entity or event. By investing in a sponsorship, we aim to establish a long-term relationship with the organisation that is mutually beneficial to both parties.

To be considered for SWSCU’s Sponsorship, your event or organisation should:

In addition, the sponsored organisation must:

Have a sound, established structure and be committed to work with SWSCU to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Have the capacity and resources to promote SWSCU brand to maximise exposure to SWSCU standards, at a minimum (but not limited to):

SWSCU does not favour sponsorship of:

Sponsorships that could involve SWSCU’s in controversial issues, are for individuals, or are essentially passive donations, will not be accepted.

Please note that SWSCU’s will not consider any application for sponsorship if it falls into one of the above categories.

Application Procedure

In order to help you prepare your application for sponsorship, we encourage you to follow this simple three-step process:

  1. Ensure the proposed sponsorship program meets SWSCU’s application criteria above;
  2. Ensure that sufficient lead time is given to SWSCU’s to be able to consider the proposed sponsorship program (minimum 1 month).
  3. If steps 1 and 2 are satisfied, please complete the application form below or email request to enquiries@swscu.com.au.


Due to the large volume of requests that we receive, we do not accept sponsorship proposals over the telephone.

We will review your application and notify you via phone, email or mail within 15 working days as to whether your proposal was successful, or if we need to discuss aspects of it with you prior to making a decision.

Our decision on whether to accept a sponsorship request is influenced by other factors as well as the above criteria. Applicants should not assume that if the request appears to fit the criteria, the sponsorship will be accepted.

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Before proceeding with this application, you should read SWSCU’s Privacy Statement which sets out key information about why we are collecting your personal information and how we use, disclose and secure it.

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