Savings Interest Rates

Effective Monday, 12 April 2021

Savings Accounts Interest Rate
General Savings Account 0.01% p.a.
Savings Account 0.01% p.a.
Budget Savings Account 0.01% p.a.
Christmas Club 0.20% p.a.
Seven Day Notice 0.01% p.a.
Superannuation Account 0.01% p.a.
Junior Accounts Interest Rate
Teenage Savings 0.01% p.a.
Super Savings Account 0.01% p.a.

Term Deposits Interest Rates

Effective Monday, 11 July 2022


  from $500 to $9,999 from $10,000 to $49,999 from $50,000
3 Months 0.50% p.a. 0.50% p.a. 0.50% p.a.
6 Months 0.60% p.a. 0.60% p.a. 0.60% p.a.
9 Months 1.00% p.a. 1.00% p.a. 1.00% p.a.
12 Months 1.50% p.a. 1.50% p.a. 1.50% p.a.
24 Months 2.00% p.a. 2.00% p.a. 2.00% p.a.

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Important information

All interest rates are variable. The loan interest is calculated on the daily balance outstanding and is charged in arrears to a members account on the last day of each month. Savings account interest is calculated on the daily balance outstanding and credited to the members account on the 30th June Annually. Interest on Xmas Club Accounts is paid on the 30th November Annually. 

Term Deposits - Withdrawal only at maturity. We may allow early withdrawal at our absolute discretion (e.g.: in cases of hardship or special need) or on receipt of 7 days notice prior to the intent of early withdrawal. We may also reduce the interest or charge a fee. Interest will be paid on maturity or at monthly intervals to a specified savings account (24 month term interest is paid annually). On maturity, the term deposit will be re-invested with interest, unless we have been notified otherwise. Maturity instructions may be given at the time of investment.