For many years SWSCU’s automated Telephone Banking platform served as an efficient way for members to check their balances and transfer money between accounts from the convenience of their landline or mobile phone device.


Due to a decision by SWSCU’s provider, this service will be discontinued for all of their customers in Australia. This means effective from the 31st of March 2024 as a consequence SWSCU members will no longer have access to Telephone Banking services.


We understand that this may cause some inconvenience for some members, but there is some good news. Technology has come a long way since Telephone Banking was first introduced and SWSCU have endeavoured to stay current with member trends and demands. SWSCU has added new services to their digital banking offerings such as the new SWSCU App which includes How I Spend and Savings Goals not to mention the inclusion of Digital Wallets via provider such as Apple, Samsung and Android.


Members who are actively using Telephone Banking are asked to register for an alternative service before 31st March 2024 to prevent disruption to their banking.

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