Visa has mandated issuer and merchant upgrades from 3D Secure 1.0 (Verified by Visa) to 3D Secure 2.0 (Visa Secure).

This means that the way some online transactions are carried out will be different.

Previously, if a merchant used the Verified by Visa service, they would ask for personal information to verify your identity as an added security authentication before a transaction is completed. Moving forward, Visa Secure will now ask you to authenticate a transaction by an SMS One Time Password. This means a text message with a code will be sent to you and this code will need to be entered into the display screen before the transaction can be completed.

Due to this change, it is imperative that we have current mobile numbers on our system as if we don’t, this will mean transactions are declined.

Not all online merchants use this service however it is becoming more prevalent due to the added security it facilitates for both the merchant and the purchaser.

For more information visit Visa’s website.

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