Alerts give you instant messaging through either email, mobile phone or secured messaging for selected activity on your account.  These Alerts are in real time 24/7.  Alerts can be setup through your internet banking or in branch with one of our friendly staff.  Not only is this a more convenient way to manage and receive information, your taking control of how your receive is information that is important to you. 

Some features include:

How to register:

  • Login to your online SWSCU account and under the Inbox tab select Inbox menu
  • The Alerts menu will present and select New Alert
  • Select the account you wish for the alert to be set up on
  • Select the Alert type from the dropdown list, then select Next
  • Select your preferred contact method. If you select mobile and you have more than one mobile number attached to the account, then select the mobile number you wish to receive the alert message
  • Save! 

How to view Alerts:

  • To view your alerts, login to your online banking account and select the Inbox tab and Alerts.
  • Alerts will be listed

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