SMS and Email Alerts

SMS and Email Alerts easily allow you to monitor your accounts 24/7. You can request specific information on account balances, deposits and withdrawals to be sent to you automatically via SMS and email.

Choose from the following alerts:

  • Savings or Investment account balance is outside the nominated range
  • A Credit or Deposit more than the nominated amount
  • A Debit or Withdrawal more than the nominated amount
  • Account balance at Close of Business on a regular frequency
  • Notification of statement production
  • Notification of change to telephone bill password
  • Advance notification of Continuing Credit payment
  • Notification of change in daily debit limit
  • Notification of an ATM/POS withdrawal
  • Notification of a personal cheque withdrawal
  • Notification of a Direct Credit
  • Notification of a Direct Debit
  • Notification of family allowance deposit
  • Notification of unpaid cheque deposit
  • Notification of a payroll deposit
  • Advance notification of maturing Term Deposit
  • Internet Banking signon
  • New message received through Internet Banking
  • Periodical Payments alert

You can either receive a text message, an email or receive a message through your Internet Banking.

You can either set up in branch or via your Internet Banking.

No, Alerts are a complimentary service.

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