Name Change

The transition from SWSCU to SWSbank.

We made the decision to change our name primarily because of the misunderstanding surrounding what a credit union represents. As a member of our institution, you conduct your financial transactions with us—essentially your 'banking'. To stay relevant and better communicate our services, we have rebranded as SWSbank.

We remain a credit union at our core. Our ownership structure remains unchanged—we are still owned by our members. The only modification is our trading name, which is now SWSbank.

A credit union is a financial institution that operates on a cooperative model. It is owned and governed by its members. 

Rest assured, we continue to be member-owned. Our fundamental business structure remains intact; only our external identity has changed with the adoption of the SWSbank name.

Your existing accounts and services will remain unaffected. Only the external branding has changed to SWSbank. All account details, features, and benefits remain the same.

Absolutely! Our online banking and mobile apps have been updated to reflect the new name. You can continue to manage your finances conveniently through these channels.

No worries! Cards with the previous name will still be valid. As they expire or need replacement, you’ll receive new ones with the SWSbank branding.

Our commitment to our communities remains unwavering. We will continue supporting local causes, events, and organisations under the new name.

We have communicated extensively about the name change, updated our systems, and trained our staff to assist members seamlessly. Your experience with SWSbank will be as seamless as before.

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