Our Cards allow cardholders to make purchases in person, over the phone, online, and overseas from thousands of locations worldwide.

When selecting the ‘EFTPOS savings’ option the daily limit is $1000. When selecting the ‘Visa credit’ or Visa debit’ option the limit is the available balance of the account.

You can fill out our decrease or close credit card form here or give our friendly loans staff a call.

A replacement card is $15.

Excess Transaction Fees are incurred when the number of Free Transactions for the month are exceeded. See Member Rewards Relationship Balance table for further reference (find this table on our Schedule of Fees, Charges & Transaction Limits).

Using the ‘Visa Credit’ or ‘Visa Debit’ option at a POS terminal will complete the transaction via the Visa Scheme. This enables the transaction to be covered by the Visa Zero Liability policy. Cash cannot be withdrawn using this option.

Transactions can also be made using the ‘EFTPOS savings’ option. Cash out or ATM withdrawals can only be made using EFTPOS savings. These transactions will affect your daily limit and monthly transactions.

No, you can only have one card per account (only exception is a Visa Credit card linked to an S1 account with a Visa Debit card).

Yes, our Visa cards can be used at any ATM that accepts Visa. Some ATM’s may charge a fee for using them.

Yes. Please notify us if you will be using one of our Visa cards overseas. You will be charged a currency conversion rate of 2% for Visa Debit cards and 1.5% for Visa Credit Cards.

If you select ‘Visa Credit/Visa Debit’ when making a purchase, these transactions will “pend” on your account. This is because of the way the Visa Scheme operates. Transactions can take a few days for them to debit your account. The pending transaction reserves the funds until the debit has been processed. Merchants such as hotels/motels are able to pre-authorise amounts against your card. These will also show as pending transactions.

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