The below Excess Transaction Fees are an excerpt from our Schedule of Fees Charges & Transaction Limits. This document must be read together with the Summary of Accounts and Availability of Access Facilities and the Conditions of Use.

Together these brochures form the Conditions of Use for the South West Slopes Credit Union Account & Access Facility.

Excess Transaction Fees

Per calendar month per membership

Note: Excess Transaction Fees are incurred when the number of Free Transactions for the month are exceeded.

These fees will be charged at the end of the month.

See Member Rewards Relationship Balance table for further reference.

The below fees combined form the “Excess Transaction Fees”


  • $1.00 per excess transaction. Visa Cards are exempt IF (CR) account is selected when completing purchase transaction at EFTPOS terminal. Please note that merchants may apply ‘least-cost routing’ per transaction.


ATM Balance Enquiry

  • $0.50 cents per excess transaction.


Cash – Over the Counter

  • $1.00 per excess transaction.


EPays (Electronic Transfers) – Over the Counter

  • $1.00 per excess transaction.


Direct Debits

  • $1.00 per excess transaction.

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Important information

Schedule of Fees and Charges and Transaction Limits

Third Party Fees and Charges – Any Fees and Charges charged to the Credit Union, including Government charges or charges by other Financial Institutions for products and services obtained on behalf of the member/s will be passed on to the member/s. All fees and charges, unless specified otherwise, will be charged to the account on the day it is incurred. All third party fees are subject to change without notice.

The ATM Direct Charging Fee is charged by the ATM Owner at the time of the transaction (ATM Partner Fee). This fee is at the discretion of the ATM Owner. SWSCU has no control over this fee.